Imagine that: Ecole d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce

23 janv. 2012

Imagine a place where those who’ve stood out as leaders in their chosen fields, come to share their stories, their career paths, their failures and triumphs. They come, giving freely of their time and resources with the clear intent to pay it forward.

Imagine a physical location in the countryside, far from the bustle of family and work.

The setting is first class simplicity. Accomodations include indoor pool, spa and gym, modern, comfortable rooms and excellent cuisine.

Students gather eleven times over a two year period for a five day module. That’s 55 days for $55,000.

Imagine being joined on this journey by two dozen people. Backgrounds are diverse but the common desires to reach for constant improvement and to be the very best they can be link the participants. Strangers no more after the first five day session, powerful bonds are created.

Imagined in the mind of visionary Marc Dutil, President and COO of Canam Group Inc., such a place now exists in St Georges de Beauce, Quebec. Just over one year old, it is called The Ecole d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce (EEB). A 3 ½ hour drive from Montreal, the EEB is a jewel in the Quebec landscape.

From the moment I heard about the school, I imagined myself participating. I imagined myself as a lecturer and facilitator, embarked on this fabulous experiment with kindred souls.

And it came to be. Just back from five days of training at the school with head coach Franck Nicolas, I feel like Jonathan Livingston Seagull being pushed to new heights, prompted by a sage teacher telling him he has no limits. You haven’t read this fable by Richard Bach? At the age of 15 it meant one thing. At 50, it means a whole lot more. Buy yourself a Christmas gift. It’s a gem.

The EEB is a gem too, an extraordinary vehicle created out of one man’s imaginings that is going to help change the world in a positive way. Now just imagine that.

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